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PM Plus Cold Patch
Stop making repeated patches of the same pot hole. PM Plus Cold Patch is a premixed, open graded, 100% crushed limestone mix with a special blend of asphalt liquid. Our PM Plus Cold Patch is Highway Department used and approved. This special blend of asphalt and clean limestone is much more effective than other traditional cold patching mixes, because of its binding and adhesive ability. PM Plus Cold Patch will remain in place when other patching materials are long gone. PM Plus Cold Patch will adhere in potholes containing water, ideal for wet winter patching. This mix can be used in wet or dry conditions. It can be used on asphalt or concrete surfaces and will remain usable for up to 12 months in a stockpile. PM Plus Cold Patch is the ideal cold patch for potholes, utility cuts, parking areas, and highways. Material Resources, Inc. offers PM Plus Cold Patch in several ways:

    We deliver tandem, trailer loads.
    We can mix bulk orders at your location.
    We offer sealed 50 lb. bags coming with 42 bags per pallet.

Bagged PM Plus Cold Patch
Bagged mix allows you to make patches quick without calling out crews and equipment. This is ideal for making quick emergency patches, without all the hassle and the mess. Bagged PM Plus Cold Patch can be carried in pickup trucks at all times making it fast and cost effective for 1 man to make pothole or utility patches during daily travels. This patching material can be shipped on pallets with 48 bags per pallet. We can deliver any quantity that you may need.

PM Plus Modified Cold Mix
A cost effective asphalt paving and patching product. This material consists of Asphalt Millings that have been screened to gradation and blended with rejuvenating agent. This product can be used for patching, level up repair, and even paving low volume roadways. By using PM Plus Modified Cold Mix, you will be able to increase your maintenance capabilities and get more accomplished throughout your physical year.

Rejuvenating RAP RAP


Parking Lot / Pavement Maintenance
We specialize in preventive and routine maintenance for all of your parking lot needs.

Services we provide:
     Crack and joint sealing
     Patching concrete and asphalt parking lots
     Seal coating asphalt parking lots
     Parking lot striping (re-stripe and new layout)
     Pressure washing
     Other services may be provided upon request
     Car stops (Installed)

Types of pavements:
     Parking lots (Concrete or Asphalt)

We offer FREE yearly assessments to help you determine your maintenance needs.

Joint / Crack Sealing
All pavements require maintenance. The primary reason being is that pavements are constantly subject to various stresses, such as traffic and environmental conditions. The early detection and repair of these minor defects can help reduce the need for expensive reconstruction. Cracks in the pavement allow water to penetrate the pavement base and sub-base materials, causing pavement elements to lose structural integrity. All cracked pavement will experience deterioration if not corrected. Once a roadway starts to disintegrate, potholes will quickly develop. To avoid this, crack sealing should be performed. According to several of the countries DOT's, with timely preventative crack sealing, the useful life of highway pavements can be extended up to 10 years. Consequences of not sealing cracks are: increased rehabilitation cost, loss of pavement service life, and increased vehicle user cost. Crack sealing should be done prior to seal coating Asphalt pavements.

RAP Pug Mill Processing
This is a cost effective asphalt paving and patching product that on average can be 50% cheaper than traditional hot and cold mix asphalt. We will mobilize to your location and process all of your asphalt milling's (RAP). This process will consist of crushing, screening, pug mill mixing, and stockpiling finished ready to use material at your location. Material Resources, Inc. will furnish all equipment, labor, and asphalt rejuvenator to produce a quality asphalt paving product ready to use. We are capable of blending sand and other material with RAP to produce various paving and patching materials. We can produce material that is stockpiled for long term use, as well as, material ready for immediate use, depending on your needs. We have produced well over 50,000 tons for TXDOT, not to mention the thousands of tons for counties and parishes throughout Texas and Louisiana.

Sand Oil Processing
Sand / Oil mix is a cost effective paving material for low volume roads. Sand / Oil roads make a great all weather driving surface, do away with wet muddy gravel roads and replace with Sand / Oil roads, and the traveling public will really notice. Material Resources, Inc. can produce sand / oil mix at your location. We would supply all equipment, labor, an asphalt to produce and stockpile finished ready to use mix at your site, saving costly trucking delivery fees. In the last three years, we have processed over 150,000 tons of sand / oil for various counties and parishes throughout Texas and Louisiana.

Material Blending
By utilizing our dual hopper pugmill’s, we have the ability to blend all types of products, with consistant percentage accuracy. Items we are capable of blending are, but not limited to; Aggregates, Bedding Material (Gravel & Sand) and Bedding Soils, just to name a few. Give us a call if you are in need of blending materials and we will be happy to assist.

Pre-coating Aggregate
Pre-coating material can be done for numerous reasons. A main reason is to get a control on dust. When chip sealing with hot asphalt, dusty aggregate could make it a challenge for the material to adhere to the asphalt, Pre-coating would be the solution to this situation.


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