Why PM PlusCold Patch?

    Stop making repeated patches of the same potholes!
    When  PM  Plus Cold Patch is applied properly, it will out perform all other
         patching materials.
    PM Plus Cold Patch is an all season, all weather patching material.
    Sub-freezing, wet winter days, no problem!
    Hot, humid summer days, no problem!
    Pot holes filled with water, no problem!

So give us a call today for your free sample, or to set up a demo at your location.
   MRI HP-1 Cold Mix
Uses for PM Plus Cold Patch

    Potholes (asphalt & concrete)
    Edge ruts
    Utility cuts
    Railroad crossings
    Bridge decks
    Joint failures

50 lbs bag = 3 sq. ft. @ 1.5 depth (compacted)
3 Step installation:

     1. Clean pothole
     2. Place PM Plus Cold Patch in pothole
     3. COMPACT COMPACT COMPACT! ( compact in 2-3 inch intevals)
        This can be done with a tamper, truck tire, roller, etc.

After material is compacted the material is stable enough for immediate traffic.

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